Celebrating radio as an enduring pillar of our society on World Radio Day, 2020


On World Radio Day 2020, the Namibia Media Trust (NMT) celebrates radio as an enduring pillar of our society, enabling people’s right to communicate.

Radio remains the most accessible communication medium because of its low cost, and its ability to target marginalised and vulnerable communities – women, youth, the poor, illiterate and disabled people. Importantly, because of its accessibility, radio is uniquely positioned to give voice to the voiceless, at its best, ensure that the views and aspirations of all people are represented and heard in all their diversity.

The NMT’s 2020 World Radio Day competition, ‘My Radio, My Vibe’, showcases the talent of young Namibians and their thoughtful insights into this year’s theme, Radio and Diversity’. The winner, Uasora Kamusuvis, had this to say:
“for me to be safe and respected in my diversity means to be recognized for my uniqueness and difference; to be appreciated; to feel OK to be myself; acknowledgement that we’re all different, come from different places and speak difference languages; to be represented and included regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation and beliefs”.

With these words Uasora issues a challenge to broadcasters on behalf of millions of people across the globe: to reflect, and remain relevant to the lives of the diverse audiences they serve.

Don’t miss our special World Radio Day podcast with veteran Zambian journalist and media founder, Mike Daka, who shares insights on how to overcome the challenges of sustaining good journalism for local communities.

Happy World Radio Day!

Issued by:
Zoé Titus
Namibia Media Trust
Email: info@nmt.africa