NMT makes submission in national ICT policy review process


The NMT has responded to the invitation by the Ministry of Communication and Technology (MICT) to study the existing Information and Community Technology (ICT) policies and make formal submissions of any possible sections of the Communications Act and other policies that need to be repealed, amended or reviewed.

The MICT has started the process to review the Communications Act no. 8 of 2009 and other ICT policies to address shortcomings and align them with emerging trends in the ICT sector to remedy the provisions of the legislation that have over time become obsolete.

"In view that the Act is a supreme law above other regulations and policies, it is of paramount importance that the sub sector legal instruments are aligned with the Act. However, it transpired that most subsectors of ICT are experiencing legal hitches in implementing and enforcing some provisions of the Act or provisions in their respective legal instruments due to the fact that the Act is not aligned with certain provisions in the subsector policies, regulations and guidelines or vice versa", the MICT has said.

The ICT policies and laws date back to 2009, including the overarching ICT Policy, Telecommunications Policy, and Postal Policy, Broadcasting Act no. 9 of 1991 and the Communications Act no.8 of 2009. The Communications Act no. 8 of 2009 was implemented in 2011. During the implementation of the Act certain parts were delayed, including those relating to the regulation of the Namibia Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) and Nampost.

The NMT's detailed submission to the MICT is available here. We have also requested for an opportunity to make an oral submission at the scheduledd stakeholder workshop on 28 November 2018.