‘Grow thicker skins’, NMT tells politicians


NMT response to a statement made by information minister Stanley Simataa, who has urged citizens to refrain from insulting leaders and using inappropriate language. He was expressing his concerns regarding a wave of what he termed offensive messages.

NMT statement on HIgh Court ruling in case of the NCIS vs The Patriot


NMT statement welcoming the High Court judgement rejecting the attempt of the Namibia Central Intelligence Service (NCIS) to prevent The Patriot newspaper from publishing a report about alleged dubious land deals, which also involve retired Central Intelligence Service operatives, on the part of that government agency.

World Press Freedom Day 2018 - NMT Statement


NMT statement on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, 2018.

NMT condemns attempt by the Namibia Central Intelligence Service to censor, silence media


NMT statement condemning urgent court application by NCIS against the Patriot newspaper to stop the publication of a news report.

NMT calls for restraint ahead of Swapo Congress


NMT condemns the current disinformation campaigns – including hate speech – which are circulating largely online ahead of the Swapo Congress.

Ditch Single Telecoms Gateway Proposal - NMT Statement


NMT Statement on the Minister of Information and Communication Technology (MICT)'s proposal to introduce a Single Telecoms Gateway

E-Transactions & Cybercrime Bill - NMT Statement


NMT statement on draft of the Electronic Transactions and Cybercrime Bill in which it appeals for multi-stakeholder consultation on ‘problematic’ E-Bill.

World Press Freedom Day 2017 - NMT Statement


NMT statement on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, 2017.

World Press Freedom Day 2016 - NMT Statement


NMT statement on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, 2016.

Panama Papers - NMT Press Statement


NMT hails ‘Panama Papers’ exposé as showcase of journalism excellence